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Solid hospitality products

We are pleased to offer you solid soaps and shampoos made in Ticino. No plastic, less water and a long life for a remarkable quality. Pieces of Corippo that you can keep enjoying when you get home!

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Responsible cooking

The chef's job can be summed up as "transforming what nature offers into a tasty dish". Everything starts from there: an evolving menu offering the best of local and seasonal products; an intelligent use of the whole product; and a sparing use of meat in such a way as to honour the whole carcass. The aim is always to please and to give priority to human contact.

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Corippo, Acqua

Verzasca water is the purity and excellence of Alpine water. So why would you want to drink any other? 

Thanks to the Nordaq system we offer local water, without plastic, without transport, of drinking water quality, still or sparkling.

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How to get to Corippo? By enjoying the journey, taking the time to appreciate the distance travelled. If today a road leads to the entrance of the village, the best way to get to Corippo is on foot to appreciate the grandeur of its surroundings and its exceptional location. During your stay, the proximity of public transport and the numerous connections will allow you to discover the area. 

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The Albergo Diffuso concept emphasises the renovation of existing premises that are part of the built heritage of a place and an era. It is a guarantee of charm and a means of preserving, adapting and enhancing the heritage and wealth of humanity. It guarantees the integrity of the landscape and allows renovation with modern and safe means.